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World Fossils has been trading successfully from Bristol, England since 1997. All my products are selected at source or bought directly from reputable dealers, ensuring excellent quality specimens, prepared by hand and finished in my workshop.

This website provides a showcase of only some of a wider range of available wholesale and retail stock.   Every item is entirely unique and each one must be seen for its' quality to be fully appreciated.

Johnny Rock Jewellery
World Fossils has now introduced our new line, Johnny Rock Jewllery featuring unique selections of earrings, cufflinks, pendants and braclets.

The stones and fossils used for my  range of jewellery are hand-selected from across Asia and finished by hand in Bali in 925 silver.

Johnny Rock Jewellery
Juralite is the ancient remains of mineralised ammonite shell which dates back 200 million years.

Rare and unique to just one location in the, UK, it is similar to Canadian Ammolite but over three times as old.
Javanese Petrified Wood
We now have in stock, a large selection of 25,000,000 year old petrified wood items , including fossil wood wash basins, bookends and polished logs.

The structure and appearance of the orginal wood, (even the tree rings) are well preserved.
Javanese Petrified Wood

Bluejohn (Blue John)
The name 'blue john' probably originates from the French, words 'bleu-jaune', meaning
'blue-yellow'. "Blue John" or "Derbyshire Spar" is mined Castleton, Derbyshire, England.
One of only two working blue john mines in the world is located in Cliff Cavern.

Visit the shop in Bristol and browse awide selection of fossils, gems, crystals and jewellery, as well as some unique specialty items.